Donate a Treasure

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To foster an appreciation and knowledge of Fayette County
through preservation, restoration, interpretation, and education.


General criteria for artifacts:
The HDF Museum shall seek and consider additions to the permanent collection that furthers the Museum’s mission. Objects may be acquired through gift, bequest, purchase, exchange, or any other transaction type which transfers title and the object to the HDF Museum. All objects accepted into the collection become the HDF Museum’s exclusive property and may be exhibited, loaned, retained, or disposed of in the best interest of the museum and the public it serves.

In developing the collection, the principal objects targeted for acquisition and care are:

  • – Materials produced or used in Fayette County that provide interpretive history of the county.
  • – Materials not made or used in Fayette County, but related to the history of the region or individuals and collected for research, exhibit and educational use.


Patrons with period artifacts who would like to share their treasures and see them on display at the Holliday-Dorsey-Fife House Museum are encouraged to contact the house manager for more information on making a donation or loan to the museum,
or complete the form below:

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